Kenny GatlinHello, my name is Kenny Gatlin. And I know what it is like to watch really good people give up too soon and never experience God’s best for their lives, or see what God promised them come to fruition. I have also witnessed people with great potential throw in the towel because they were confused about what it would take to succeed in their marriage, their finances, their ministry, and for that matter, in every area of their lives.

I went to work to unravel these dilemmas. And through a lifetime of diligent study and research, the Lord has revealed key elements that every believer must know to achieve a life of fulfillment, to triumph over adversity, and to flourish and prosper when failure and defeat seemed certain. What I do now is help to develop spiritual champions! So, if winning in life is what is important to you, then you’ve come to the right place, because our ministry and this website, is designed to help you do just that.

Whether you are a five-fold minister, a stay at home mom, or a corporate executive, there are solutions to the challenges you face. Through my events, my podcast and my blog, as well as my videos, books, CDs and other products, which you will find right here on this website, you will discover what is necessary to win every time.

Take a look around. There is something for everyone on the pages of this site. And the reason I know this is because we are dedicated to helping pastors, helping churches, and helping people.


With over forty-five years in full-time ministry, Kenny Gatlin is pastor of Integrity Christian Center in Torrance, California. An anointed teacher of the Word, Pastor Gatlin is dedicated to the pursuit of developing spiritual champions for end time living. His congregation at ICC is a growing, thriving family of believers.

Rev. Gatlin’s commitment to ministering God’s Word extends from the pulpit to praise and worship. He is an accomplished singer, songwriter, musician and recording artist, ministering spiritual growth and a winning attitude to all who hear his music. Brother Gatlin can be heard on his three releases, “Enemy’s Camp,” “Glory” and “Red Hot,” with many of his songs recorded by other artists and performed in other churches worldwide, including in Canada, Mexico, and Australia.

Brother Gatlin is also the author of several books, such as his newest book “The Spirit of Eli.” Other titles include, “Dead Weight”, “Protective Custody”, “Ephesians: A Closer Look at the Glorious Church”, “How You Can Be Fruitful, Stable, and Completely Immovable”, and many more. In addition to his pastoral ministry, Rev. Gatlin is Founder and President of Kenny Gatlin Ministries where he operates his traveling, writing, and music ministries. Pastor Gatlin ministers in churches, Bible schools and conferences throughout the United States. Kenny’s teaching and music ministries are designed to enhance and enrich his host congregation’s spiritual direction. His goal when he ministers is to help bring the local church to a higher level of faith and zeal in the things of God in accordance with, and in a way relevant to, the leading of its local pastor.

Pastor Gatlin also founded and was pastor of Christian Faith Center in Ridgecrest, California, from 1990 through mid-1998. An ordained minister through Mark Barclay Ministries in Midland, Michigan, Pastor Gatlin is a graduate of Supernatural Ministries Training Institute, where he completed studies in Supernatural Helps, Ministerial Practicalities and Advanced Survival Techniques. Rev. Gatlin also serves as a member of Dr. Mark T. Barclays President’s Cabinet. He also spent eight years as an Area Director and Field Representative for the International Convention of Faith Ministries.

Prior to pioneering Christian Faith Center in 1990, Pastor Gatlin served in many areas of ministry throughout California, including as music director, youth minister and associate minister, with multiple years of experience in each position. He currently serves as a trustee on numerous ministry corporate boards and is an encourager and friend of pastors throughout the nation.

Married since 1980, Pastor Gatlin and his wife, Brenda, have three sons: Jason, Qwest, and Graham, who each serve in the ministry.