Are You A Cave Dweller or Giant Killer?

However, while in the land of promise, they were able to confirm that everything that God said about the land was true. But they also noticed that there were giants there, too. So when they returned to give their testimony regarding what the land was like, ten of the twelve spies put the major focus of their report on how … Read More

The Often Neglected Avenue Towards Abundant Provision

However, it is one of the most neglected areas of producing increase, financially and otherwise, that I know of. And sadly, many people will only mock and belittle this valuable avenue that God has provided for receiving abundant provision. And they do so, because they do not understand spiritual things as they should, and because they have overlooked a pattern … Read More

Fasting and Prayer Tips for the New Year

Although I won’t be providing you with an exhaustive study on the subject, the following are some important scriptures, along with some nuggets I have learned and benefitted from on this subject. The first thing you must understand is that fasting and prayer go together. If prayer is not coupled with fasting, then your fasting will be powerless. If there … Read More

Attaining Your Goals in the New Year

Others make goals based upon their walk with Christ, which I strongly believe should be made. For example, I believe people should set a goal to read through the Bible in the New Year. Other great goals are being consistent in church attendance, winning souls, getting more involved in the Ministry of Helps at your church, and being faithful, and … Read More

Dead in the Water

Although not a seaman myself, I can totally appreciate what it means to be dead in the water, completely at the mercy of the wind and the waves, because I have witnessed this same scenario over and over again as a minister. As a pastor, I have dealt with the lives of hundreds of individuals as they have come under … Read More