Neglecting Your Salvation

One common question I receive as a minister is whether or not a person can actually lose their salvation. And that is a great question! However, instead of me giving you my opinion on whether I believe I person can “lose” their salvation, I will instead provide you with some Bible verses that are indisputable, and from which we are … Read More

Seeing Tomorrow Today

I had a very interesting dream a few nights ago. I dreamed I was ministering at a church where I have been ministering for the past twenty years. And even though I was dreaming about current events, (2018 at the time of this dream), I suddenly found myself back at that church as if it were the 1990’s. In fact, … Read More

Understanding the Canon of Scripture

The 66 books of the Bible, and there are 39 book in the Old Testament, which were primarily written in Hebrew. The Catholic Bible (a.k.a., The Jerusalem Bible) has additional books in their Old Testament called the Apocrypha. We do not accept the Apocryphal books as the canon of Holy Scripture. Here are some reasons why. APOCRYPHA = doubtful For … Read More

Never Give Up

It has been said that the easiest thing in the world to do is quit. And it’s true. It is. And anyone can do it. In fact, some people are so prone to quitting that they won’t even finish this very brief article, though its contents are lifechanging. So ask yourself: Am I a quitter? I have watched in disgust … Read More

The Business of Our Lives

When I was a boy, my mom was committed to our local church. So much so in fact, that I remember that we ordered our lives around what our local church was doing, and its schedule of services and events. But we were not alone in this level of commitment. The truth is, my mom learned to do this by … Read More