I Found A Good Thing

When I was thirteen, my dad retired from the United States Naval Base where he had worked in civil service much of his adult life. Children as a rule are not privy to these things, but somewhere along the lines prior to his retirement, my parents had discussed and determined to move away from the area where the naval base … Read More

How To Turn Your Situation Around

So as a teenager, hearing these words for the first time, my take away from that statement was that the problems and negative circumstances I would face in life, do not have the ability to defeat me, unless I handle the situations in the wrong way. And many of us have handled some of the attacks of the enemy in … Read More

Deliverance Comes When You Know What Belongs to You and You Speak Up

“What you don’t know, can’t hurt you.” When I was growing up, I heard that one phrase more times than I can count. So what usually happens when you hear something over and over again, is that you will begin to believe it, even if it isn’t true. Thankfully, I was in my late teens when I came to understand … Read More

How Long Do You Want to Wait?

You have to ask yourself how many years do you want to wait to have in your life what God has promised you. Far too many Christians are doing without the very things that Jesus has already provided them; things He has already promised them in His Word were theirs. However, there is often a misbelief that if God wants … Read More