What Spreading Rumors Says About You

Throughout my lifetime I have seen countless rumors spread throughout the Body of Christ, most of which didn’t have even a shred of truth within them. But people who gossip and spread rumors have no interest whatsoever with the truth. These people are slanderers, and spreading malicious lies about others is something they feed on. There is always a motive … Read More

The Christmas Prophet

The distress of verse 1 will turn into the joy of verse 3. The oppression and bondage of verse 1 will become the broken yoke of verse 3. The darkness of verse 2 will turn into the light of verse 2. The shadow of death in verse 2 will be overcome in verse 6. Let’s look closely at the sixth … Read More

How Hatred and Racism Involves You with Demonic Activity

Hate. It’s everywhere! And I guess I never realized how rampant it would become. But I’m not referring to the hatred in the world, although that applies. I am referring to the hatred I am seeing among those who claim Jesus as their Lord and Savior. I’m finding racism and hatred in local churches and among ministers of the gospel. … Read More

Warnings In The Headlines

When the National Weather Service issues a warning in Texas, or Oklahoma, or Kansas for example, it means severe weather is imminent, and you must take cover immediately. Yet every year people are killed or injured because they don’t take the warnings seriously. We know this is so, because the news media reports of these tragedies, and interviews family members … Read More