Those Magnificent Strengths

Every woman has natural strengths and abilities that she relies on. However, I want to share with you some magnificent strengths that do not depend on natural abilities alone. But first you must recognize where those magnificent strengths come from. They come from the Lord! “10 Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his … Read More

The Cross-Eyed Believer

When I was a young boy back in the 1960’s, one of the popular shows on television was Daktari, a program based on the movie, Clarence the Cross-Eyed Lion. I remember watching that program with my parents and sisters, and everyone getting a big laugh out of the lion that either saw things blurry, or with double vision. Needless to … Read More

Listen Up Daddy-O

As Dr. Ed Cole famously said, “Being a male is a matter of birth, but being a man is a matter of choice.” Something similar could be stated about being a dad. Because some men are little more than sperm donors who either don’t care anything whatsoever about the child they helped to conceive, or in other cases where many … Read More

The Steadfast Are Delivered From Evil

Many are concerned with the evil that is growing worse and worse in these last days. And they are concerned about what they can do to protect themselves and their family from these things. Well the good news is, there is deliverance from evil for those Christians who choose to live God’s way, and who are steadfast in their walk … Read More

What’s The Plan?

Many people do not succeed in life because they have no plan for success. In fact, most have no plan at all. Instead of a plan, they simply live their lives based upon what happens to them, instead of being a person who makes things happen. Successful people think ahead! As the old saying goes, people who fail to plan, … Read More

Prepared to Win

Today it is my goal to inspire you to make changes, and to live your life with a sense of passion about what is truly important, and what really matters. When it comes to those things that are truly important, a lifestyle change is what will prepare you to win. Your preparedness and readiness level are dependent on the changes … Read More