Rise and Shine

Here we are living in what the Bible clearly indicates is the last of the last days, yet many in the Church are slumbering. And while we are dealing with various life and death issues, there are still so many who are spiritually groggy, and who can’t decide if they want to get up or go back to sleep. But … Read More

Abounding in Love

Paul was thankful that the congregation of believers in Thessalonica was still growing in faith and abounding in love, even during great persecution. Because advancing in faith and love are two essentials in the Christian life. In fact, if you are not continually and consistently growing in both of these areas, then your walk with Christ has grown stagnant! Here … Read More

Building a Spiritual House

My wife Brenda and I have three sons. And when they were born, I was amazed at how small they were, and then equally amazed with each passing week at the changes and the growth that was taking place in their bodies, and in their actions and their reactions. Every day was a growth process, and it became easy to … Read More

Some Bring Joy and Some Cause Grief

Ministry is pointless without people. Yet there is no question that there are some people who bring joy beyond words to a minister’s life, while others are a grief to him when they needn’t be. So, if you were to be completely honest about it, are you a joy or a grief to your pastor? “Therefore, my beloved brethren whom … Read More

God’s Calendar – God’s Clock

Without question, God has impeccable timing. He does everything He does based upon a time schedule which He Himself has established. Take a look at this verse below as an example of this. “But of the times and the seasons, brethren, ye have no need that I write unto you.” 1 Thessalonians 5:1 KJV Notice carefully in this verse the … Read More