Attaining Your Goals in the New Year

Others make goals based upon their walk with Christ, which I strongly believe should be made. For example, I believe people should set a goal to read through the Bible in the New Year. Other great goals are being consistent in church attendance, winning souls, getting more involved in the Ministry of Helps at your church, and being faithful, and … Read More

The Christmas Prophet

The distress of verse 1 will turn into the joy of verse 3. The oppression and bondage of verse 1 will become the broken yoke of verse 3. The darkness of verse 2 will turn into the light of verse 2. The shadow of death in verse 2 will be overcome in verse 6. Let’s look closely at the sixth … Read More

Dead in the Water

Although not a seaman myself, I can totally appreciate what it means to be dead in the water, completely at the mercy of the wind and the waves, because I have witnessed this same scenario over and over again as a minister. As a pastor, I have dealt with the lives of hundreds of individuals as they have come under … Read More

WARNING: Perilous Times Ahead

Wow! What a list! Look closely at each of these things that the Lord said would be stressful and troublesome in the last days. Because you and I are already living in this time, I have placed each of them in the present tense. This simply means that they are going to put themselves above you every time, no matter … Read More

Settle It

Whether you know it or not, there are some things that have already been settled by God, and He considers them to be done deals. In fact, His part in the deal is irrevocable. He will never go back on His Word. However, these things may not have been settled with you, and that is what is holding things up. … Read More