Is It Pastor’s Appreciation or Depreciation?

However, in my years of ministry, I have noticed a pattern of depreciating the pastor throughout the year that appears to go unnoticed by many. And what I mean is that over time, individuals within a congregation can begin to demonstrate a lack of honor for their pastor that usually only deepens with time. But I hope you are like … Read More

Getting Past Satan’s Hindrances

I can assure you, that you and I are not alone in this. In fact, everybody who is doing anything for God will face hindrances that are invented by the kingdom of darkness, and are designed to hold you back, or at least to slow down your progress. And if you’ve ever read through the book of Acts, you will … Read More

The Importance of a Godly Home

God is the author of families. Also notice that God’s blessing is upon His creation, the family. Although we were created for blessing, many people have been, or are being raised, under a curse! Parents, you have a responsibility to raise your children according to the standards of God’s Word, not according to the standards of the day in which … Read More

Do Not Feed The Grizzly Bears… and Other Rebellious Christians

And in most cases, the threat isn’t to those who refuse to heed the warning signs, it is to those innocent people who come along afterwards that usually have to pay the price for their recklessness. In fact, I still have vivid memories of a time when I took my wife and three sons camping, and the campground was invaded … Read More

The Steadfast Are Delivered From Evil

And they are concerned about what they can do to protect themselves and their family from these things. Well the good news is, there is deliverance from evil for those Christians who choose to live God’s way, and who are steadfast in their walk with Him. In fact, let’s look at this important verse from the book of 2 Thessalonians. … Read More