The “D” Word

When my wife and I were married on July 18, 1980, my meager income only allowed me to purchase for her a rather moderate wedding band. It was nice, and she and I were very proud of it. She loved me, she loved the ring, and she already knew I had done the very best I could for our station … Read More

Don’t Be the Devil’s Doormat

What I mean by this is, that they are often pushovers and easily defeated by the schemes of the devil. And I’ve noticed that far too many believers have become nothing more than the devil’s personal doormat that he wipes his ugly, grimy feet on continually. Christians are not supposed to be weak; they are supposed to be strong in … Read More

How to Tie a Tie And Far More Important Issues

The officiating minister, a family friend and former pastor from my childhood days, had stopped by our home prior to going to the mortuary chapel where the services were being held, just to check in on us. And I am so glad that he did. You see, I am the youngest of four children, and the only boy. So here … Read More

Love and the Local Church

Your New Testament is filled with verses about walking in love with fellow believers. In fact, Jesus made the following statement about the impact our love for other believers would make on the rest of the world. The number one testimony we have for reaching the world is our love for one another in the Kingdom of God. And the … Read More

How Is Your Love Life?

You see, as a Christian, we are commanded to live a life of love. And actually, we are to live a life of love and forgiveness. We are not like the world, who loves with an often very shallow, selfish, self-centered love. On the contrary, we are filled with the life and love of Almighty God, and have been given … Read More