A Table Prepared Before Us

If you have been a believer in the Lord for very long, then I am almost sure that like me, you also love the twenty-third psalm. It’s a powerful passage of scripture that is filled with promises here in this life. That is why I find it somewhat strange that the majority of the time, I find the twenty-third psalm … Read More

Fishers of Men

When you read the Four Gospels in the New Testament, which are Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, you will quickly discover that Jesus has much to say about following Him. You see, it’s not enough to simply receive Jesus into your heart as your Savior, He wants to be the Lord of your life, too. So, if Jesus Christ is … Read More

Do You Have an Open-Door Policy?

In the business world, an open-door policy is when any employee can walk in to any manager, CEO, or president’s office at any time, and share their concerns, ideas, and questions with them. But that isn’t at all what I am writing about in this blog. Instead, the question I ask in the title of this article is about giving … Read More

Just One Lucky Guy

About a year ago, a fellow minister made a statement to me that I found rather shocking. He told me that I was a “really lucky guy,” to have a life and family and ministry like I have. What, I thought? There are several reasons why that statement shocked me, the first one being that there is no such thing … Read More

My Funny Traveling Ministry Motel Story

People who have read my book, Building Better Relations Between Pastors and Guest Ministers, (available at www.kennygatlin.com/store), always tell me how much they enjoy my funny motel story in the chapter titled, I Should Have Brought a Pistol. The following is an excerpt from that chapter which I hope you will enjoy. “I had flown all day from California to … Read More