The Cross-Eyed Believer
When I was a young boy back in the 1960’s, one of the popular shows on television was Daktari, a program based on the movie, Clarence the Cross-Eyed Lion. I remember watching that program with my parents and sisters, and everyone getting a big laugh out of the lion that either saw things blurry, or with double vision. Needless to say, it was a pretty comical show to me, and we got a big laugh each week when the show aired. However, what I have come to learn about life and ministry since my childhood is that being cross-eyed isn’t very Continue Reading
Listen Up Daddy-O
As Dr. Ed Cole famously said, “Being a male is a matter of birth, but being a man is a matter of choice.” Something similar could be stated about being a dad. Because some men are little more than sperm donors who either don’t care anything whatsoever about the child they helped to conceive, or in other cases where many Christian men are concerned, they aren’t willing to pay the price to raise their own children to live a godly lifestyle, and to succeed as productive members of society. And what a shame that is. My own dad was a good Continue Reading