Weariness Can Open the Door to Fear
Have you ever been drug out so badly that even the smallest problems seem insurmountable, and maybe they even create a bit of a panic within you when they are presented to you? I believe from what I have seen in the Bible, that this is do to the fact that there is a link between weariness and fear, and the devil knows it. And once you begin to operate in fear, you are no longer operating in faith. One day while reading my Bible about the time when King David’s son, Absalom, lead a rebellion against his own father, a Continue Reading
Neglecting Your Salvation
One common question I receive as a minister is whether or not a person can actually lose their salvation. And that is a great question! However, instead of me giving you my opinion on whether I believe I person can “lose” their salvation, I will instead provide you with some Bible verses that are indisputable, and from which we are to establish our beliefs and teachings, so that others are not mislead and misdirected by the opinions of those who don’t serve the Lord according to the Bible. Jesus gives us a story (which we often refer to us the prodigal Continue Reading