And The Winner Does A Burnout
I admit it. I love NASCAR racing! In fact, I’ve been a big fan for nearly thirty years. And one of the most common things you’ll see at the end of a race is the winner doing a burnout on the front stretch for the fans. It is part of the victory celebration after a hard-fought battle. I was watching a race recently and saw the winning driving having fun doing a burnout while the fans cheered and applauded. I couldn’t help but think that this is what it must look like to the devil every time we stand and testify Continue Reading
Remnant Life
I was a nobody from nowhere. That is, until Jesus Christ became Lord of my life and I gave myself wholly unto the Him. This occurred in my life when I was only eight years old, and I must tell you, even then I had enough understanding that if I gave my life to Jesus then I no longer belonged to myself. So, I determined to live for Him all of my days. I became part of the end-time remnant Church, determined to live a remnant lifestyle. So, what does it mean to be remnant? Well for starters, when you study it out you Continue Reading