A True Spirit of Loveliness
God has put womanly graces into every born-again woman of God, even if they lie there dormant, in seed form only, needing to be developed. If you are like me, you weren’t even aware that these womanly graces were available through the indwelling nature of Jesus Christ, and yet the potential was there to be the woman that God designed us to be! So I want to encourage you to join me on a journey of discovery. You and I are going to discover that the nature of Christ is the power and strength of womanhood. “Clothe yourselves therefore, as God’s Continue Reading
The Steadfast Church
If there is anything the Body of Christ absolutely needs today, it is to be steadfast. In the forty years I have served the Lord in ministry, I have witnessed that some people pull away from church when things are going really good in their lives, acting as though they don’t need the Word or church or the presence of God, since all seems to be going wonderfully for them. However, this is one of Satan’s trickiest lies that must be rejected. Because just as soon the devil brings an attack against their life, regardless of its severity, they won’t have Continue Reading
Legalism: What It Is and What It’s Not
By listening to the teaching of our day, we can see that there is a critical misunderstanding of what legalism is. I have heard legalism called so many different things from modern preachers that it’s really confusing, unless of course you understand the Bible. In fact, as a pastor, I have had visitors come to my church and accuse me of being “too legalistic.” And I have heard other preachers called legalistic before too, and in every case I knew the accuser didn’t have a clue about what legalism really was, and was simply parroting what they had heard someone else Continue Reading