How Long Do You Want to Wait?
You have to ask yourself how many years do you want to wait to have in your life what God has promised you. Far too many Christians are doing without the very things that Jesus has already provided them; things He has already promised them in His Word were theirs. However, there is often a misbelief that if God wants me to have something then it will automatically happen. But it won’t. You will have to not only know exactly what God has promised you in His Word, but you will also have to go after it by faith. Just imagine for a Continue Reading
What Spreading Rumors Says About You
Throughout my lifetime I have seen countless rumors spread throughout the Body of Christ, most of which didn’t have even a shred of truth within them. But people who gossip and spread rumors have no interest whatsoever with the truth. These people are slanderers, and spreading malicious lies about others is something they feed on. There is always a motive of one sort or another when rumors get started. Usually they are designed to hurt someone else, and of course to make the gossip look good by making the other person look bad. Yet the Bible actually has a lot to Continue Reading